We ensure that all individuals have access to appropriate athletic, educational and employment-related services so they’re able to reach their full potential.

Our process

We approach each situation in the same manner: we meet the person where they are. We begin with an intake and complete assessments that are relevant to the situation. We measure ability. We see potential. We envision the future and take action steps to create the desired outcome.

services offered

  • Athletics Inclusion

  • Career Path Creation

  • College Search/Post-secondary Options

  • Pro Bono Advocacy

  • Public Speaking/Presentations

As a preferred Blue Cross Blue Shield provider, we are able to offer the following services to those members who qualify for the ECF Choices Waiver:

  • Discovery & Exploration

  • Job Coaching & Job Development

  • Self-Employment Start-Up & Small Group Employment

  • Counseling Services related to benefits, conservatorship and health insurance.