2. College Life 101


So Vandy has this program for incoming freshman called the Next Steps Summer Institute. It’s a week long orientation for incoming freshman (it’s open to other prospective candidates as well, here’s the link to more information: https://peabody.vanderbilt.edu/departments/nextsteps/programoverview/NSSIFAQs2019.pdf 

Students spend a week on campus in dorms and adjusting to life, classes and activities that are scheduled. The week gives participants an idea of what they should expect - they can, in essence, try out college life before they commit. Parents are also given invaluable feedback in the form of a report that outlines areas of great strengths and identifies areas that could use some improvement.

Chloe, for example, LOVES sleeping in but of course that isn’t possible EVERY day, am I right? So she learned to utilize her phone for an am wake up call that gave her plenty of time to wake up, get dressed and get her day on! While she did already do this at home, she needed prompting in the beginning and by the end of the week it was habitual for her. 👏🏻

Vanderbilt isn’t the only college that offers programs like this and I’d encourage any prospective student to check it out because the experience really provided us with a realistic view of what freshman year had in store! One thing we immediately realized is just how hectic life was about to become.

So, in addition to ALL THAT VANDY GEAR we started shopping for - we knew that Chloe would also benefit from some serious organization so we worked in LOTS of ways to organize her belongings and clothes in hopes of making her mornings that much easier. 👊

Chloe and Glitterdad checking out of Chloe’s NSSI dorm room.

Chloe and Glitterdad checking out of Chloe’s NSSI dorm room.


Chloe enjoyed the activities and grew accustomed to the structure. She really loved meeting the other members of the freshman class (and I loved meeting their moms).

Her fave NSSI activity: line dancing at the Wildhorse Saloon.

Luckily, she packed her cowgirl boots 🤠

One question we were asked is if Chloe actually has clothing that doesn’t have a Vandy logo on it. (I did mention that we were planning to take this whole BANDWAGON FAN thing seriously, right?)

Besides, it really is the cutest star ever! 


After a week away, I was glad to have her back at home but so very grateful for the experience and learning ! 

P.S. You can’t believe all the stuff you can buy in the Vanderbilt University Bookstore!!!