Lipscomb University


While Chloe was spending a trial day at Vanderbilt, Marcus and I met with the folks at Lipscomb to learn more about their IDEAL program (and I'm so glad we did!) IDEAL combines access to skills in four core areas: career, academic, independant living and social. The main focus of the program is to afford students with developmental or intellectual disabilities the opportunity to broaden their career options. You can learn more specific information  by exploring online -- The IDEAL program's website is:

Warmest welcome yet!!! We felt just like MOVIE STARS!

Warmest welcome yet!!! We felt just like MOVIE STARS!

Lipscomb offers a week-long summer experience, referred to as the Summer Academy, for prospective students and though it's only the second CTP program that offers this type of programming (that I've seen) I hope it's an emerging trend! Here's a link to learn more:

Bonus points from Mom:

Lipscomb's dorms are NOT co-ed. While this is probably music to any parents ears -- it especially was to mine. I don't want to, but I worry! I'm anxious about Chloe living on campus (she however is thrilled). I have to remind myself that this is a rite of passage for both of us and as time goes by I'm getting more and more comfortable with the idea. I will say though that on-campus housing is an option and we are considering it for second maybe third year for Chloe. Nonetheless it's something she can grow into so I want to have the opportunity available. 

So, can I just point out that the mission trips sound awesome? One of Chloe's hot buttons is having access to a study abroad type of program (and a dorm makes me nervous, ha!) that will allow her to gain experience and explore another part of the world. Chloe actually researched some of these options herself and has chosen to learn more about the orphan ministries offered. I love that an option afforded her the opportunity to learn more about somthing she's never even considered before! Here's a list of current opportunities:

There is Christian component to Lipscomb and it's the first school we've looked at that has chapel and faith-based course offerings and room for spiritual growth. Chloe has spent the past year exploring her faith and beliefs and joined a local youth group. I'm proud to see her make steps in solidifying her belief system! I've never wanted to make important decisions FOR Chloe (since she's been older anyways); I much prefer to make them WITH her. While these courses and Wednesday chapel are optional, I like that Chloe could have the option. 

I can just see Chloe working on the bison's newest look! Oohlala (as she would say).

I can just see Chloe working on the bison's newest look! Oohlala (as she would say).

We met the legendary bison on our campus tour! Apparently, the Bison's theme changes with the goings-on at Lipscomb and students are encouraged to show their school pride - via paint! Kinda, cool, yes?


Here's where the magic happens...Lipscomb has quite the basketball team!!!  

Chloe's been pretty vocal about looking for a college with e FOOTBALL team, but she may consider a college that has a great basketball program. I can't wait to tell her all about our day and see what she thinks!


Isn't this building beautiful? Just gorge (as Chloe would say) ;)

Lipscomb looks like a viable option for Chloe...I wonder if she'll agree?