Day 4: The University of Tennessee

UT popped onto our radar when Chloe learned about their legendary football program.  

I'm sure I've mentioned that being embedded into campus social activities is one of Chloe's biggest priorities. ;) 


Chloe spotted a UT helmet - go figure! 

Chloe spotted a UT helmet - go figure! 

Our schedule for the day included a meeting with the director of the FUTURE program, Mr. Tom Beeson.  

To say the he made an impression on Chloe is an understatement! 


We arrived on campus (and immediately noticed how ORANGE everything is!!)  


You've gotta love the fact that all the volunteers we met were super nice to my husband, the die hard gator fan!! 

You've gotta love the fact that all the volunteers we met were super nice to my husband, the die hard gator fan!! 

The other thing we noticed is how eager everyone was to meet Chloe and find out more about her and how UT made it's way into her top college options.  

The FUTURE program is incredibly individualized and tailored to the needs and goals of each student. Currently, it's a non-residential program but on campus housing is something they are planning to pilot in the near future and would likely occur during the time that Chloe would be a student.  

Yes, Chloe's enrollment at UT would likely require us to relocate to Knoxville. We have made the commitment to Chloe and are game to move with her.  

Currently, FUTURE is a two-year program with an optional third year. Students are fully immersed in campus culture and activities. Likewise, they have the course access that Chloe is looking for!! Here's a link to their current programming:

Our meeting consisted of an overview of courses/program offered and Chloe asking many questions! She had the opportunity to have a Q&A with urrent student and discussed her future plans, goals and dreams. Mr. Beeson was very resourceful and was able to give us some feedback as to what the admissions committee is looking for should Chloe decide to apply. Highlights included the role of assistive technology and use of digital organization! Needless to say we are upgrading Chloe's technical skills with her phone, iPad and calendar.

Some of the questions posed by Chloe were access to study abroad options, potentially joining a sorority, campus housing and wait for it -- tailgating at football games.

I am very proud of Chloe because she's upping the ante on what her requirements are as we tour campuses. Her questions are becoming more and more specific and honestly - I'm impressed!

We concluded our time in UT with lunch in the student union and a shopping trip ;)

Lunching <3

Lunching <3

I have to say the visit to UT was extremely informational for me because I'm seeing how much Chloe wants to attend college just like everyone else.

I love that UT is open-minded and embracing of Chloe's hopes and dreams and encourages both social and academic components with typical peers.

I think I'm safe to say that UT remains one of Chloe's top options!!

Will we call Knoxville home? (I can't wait to find out).