Yes! We found a pool! 



I know I said our goal was to tour college campuses for Chloe's spring break, but what kind of parents would we be if we didn't let her swim at some point?!? 

I have to say that at the onset of this trip I was anxiety-ridden! The planning, coordinating and months of saving, crossing our fingers and really took a toll on me. In retrospect I'm sure I drove both Chloe and Marcus a little crazy, BUT all that anxiety seemed to fade away when the three of us were in each other's company and left to wander, meet new people and hang out in the South East for a change! 

I enjoyed every moment - TRULY. But, I guess I'm biased...I did after all, have THE BEST travel companions a girl could ask for <3


Goofing off in Charlotte, NC!  

Goofing off in Charlotte, NC!  

Our first official day of the #springbreak2016 #collegeroadtrip began in Charlotte, North Carolina. Raise your hand if you know why? Anyone?  

That's RIGHT...we were going to be in the area so I just had to meet Tappie Dellinger and I'm so glad we did! 


Aren't they the cutest?!? 

Aren't they the cutest?!? 

Tappie works with skaters of all abilities and we were introduced by our mutual friend Kathy Hart...and boy Kathy can pick them!!! To say that Chloe and Tappie hit it off would be a grave understatement.  


Yep ... She's one happy little figure skater &lt;3

Yep ... She's one happy little figure skater <3

Tappie coaches out of the Extreme Ice Center http://www.xicenter.com/  and next time we're in town we will definitely be stopping by to say hello (and skate). 

It was nice to meet you Tappie <3 <3