University of South Carolina


The University of South Carolina houses a program called CarolinaLIFE. Click here to learn more:

USC offers a 4-year fully inclusive on campus experience for students with intellectual disabilities. The students live on campus and are embedded in classes and activities throughout the campus!

The program was made possible when a local teen told his parents he wanted to attend college after graduation. Man this sounds familiar! Donald Bailey brought together an amazing group of people and paved the way for opening the door to post-secondary options for students with intellectual disabilities. His book Learning is for Everyone is a great read! LIFE Learning Is For Everyone:The True Story of How South Carolina ...

Donald's son, Donald Jr. was one of the first graduates of the CarolinaLIFE program. I'm sharing their story here because I find it so inspiring and am thrilled that Chloe has chosen USC as one of her top five choices.  

What grabbed Chloe's attention: 

Can you say tailgating? That's right - USC is home to the GameCocks which is in the SEC so you know what that means - BIG game days and lots of the social activity that Chloe's looking for.  

On campus housing option -  Chloe can't wait to experience dorm life. As nervous as that makes me (because let's face it - I'm a helicopter parent) I'm SO proud that she's set this goal for herself and is working really hard to achieve independence.  


What grabbed Mom's attention:  

The requirement that every student signs the Carolinian creed. I love this and I think it speaks volumes to the culture of USC students. Read it for yourself:

This is the embodiment of all the things we'd like for Chloe to model, believe in, and practice throughout her life.


I can't wait to find out how well Chloe and USC match up!