Clemson Univeristy

Clemson University offer students with intellectual disabilities their program called Clemson LIFE.

Admission requirements include a third grade reading level and a willingness to learn...sounds awesome so far!  Additional requirements can be found here:

<3 from Chloe: 

Clemson life is a residential program and students live on campus, just like their typical peers. For those of us interested (and/or freaking out over this idea) more information is available here:

Chloe is ready for some FOOTBALL! 

The fact that tailgating is included in Clemson LIFE's activities was a big plus for Chloe. She truly wants to be included in the campus social activities as much as possible. She is after all, a social butterfly!

For anyone wondering just how important football is: watch the video below. 

<3 from Mom:

Okay, I have to say that Clemson's successful inclusion of LIFE students is incredibly impressive. 

Equally impressive (from my point of view) is the course access from the leisure skills classes. Yoga, Dance (various types) and CPR are all topics that Chloe's interested in and as a parent that greatly values learning - I'm stoked!

I also see that LIFE students have the ability to mentor younger soccer and baseball players with disabilities and that Clemson has an SO swim team AND that open houses serve as an immersion day for students, giving us instant feedback from Chloe's perspective. Wowza!

All in all, I see many possibilities for Chloe in Clemson.

Will Chloe and Clemson fall in <3?