Appalachian State University

App State is home to the Scholars with Diverse Abilities post-secondary program on campus for students with intellectual disabilities.  

This person-centered program is all-inclusive which means it's up to the student to plan their own course of study, based on their own interests. Students in this program attend classes and social events with their typical peers.  

In addition, on campus housing is an option for students participating in the program. Here's a link for those interested to learn more:




The College Life Fellows program App State pairs students in the program with their typical peers as room mates, workout partners and so on. Read more here:

Students can also be found around campus, check out this story of an App State softball intern:

411 from Chloe:

Chloe has so many things she wants to take courses in: astronomy, painting, dance, CPR - YOU NAME IT - this program would give her access to pursue this goal.

Chloe is a self-described social bug and has a strong desire to be included with her peers - the College Fellows program would be invaluable to her.


411 from Mom:

The cost! App State is BY FAR the least expensive school on Chloe's list. It's also a CTP which means that Chloe can apply for federal financial aid programs. 

While I'm still nervous over Chloe's desire to live on campus I'm glad she has it - it's bittersweet!


App State has a great football program and an ice rink is just a mile away - BUT can it hold a candle to the schools with teams in the SEC?

It's going to be SO MUCH FUN to find out!