Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt's CTP program is called Next Steps. The program offers a two-year non-residential college experience for students with intellectual disabilities. Here is a link to the program information: Because this program is a CTP, federal financial aid is available to those that qualify. Residents of Tennessee can apply for additional funding through the step up scholarship program. Fees for instruction are $15,000 per year, making it pretty affordable if a student receives a Pell Grant (currently valued at up to $5500 per year) and an FSEOG grant (up to $4000 per year). Federal Work Study is also availble for students enrolled in CTP programs. Specific information about federal financial aid can be found here:


What Chloe loves about Vandy: 

Chloe's criteria are definitely as unique as she is! 

Football - Chloe would like to have the ability to attend games (I'm sure dad is excited about this opportunity also) and cheer on her college team.  

PINK - Chloe's a big fan of Victoria's Secret PINK and was thrilled to discover that Vandy gear is part of their collegiate collection:

Figure skating - Chloe wants to be able to acess the ice easily and continue her training in figure skating. Rumor has it the Centiennal Sportsplex is right across the street from campus!

What mom loves about Vandy: 

The curriculum! 

Next steps blends four core areas of learning into their post-secondary studies:  academics, self advocacy, career exploration and independent living. Peer mentors who are typically special education majors are paired with next steps students for workouts and social activities. Next Steps students have access to and attend college courses of their interest with their typical peers. 

The summer program: Vanderbilt offers a one week summer institute that allows interested students to be introduced to the structure and idea of college. The income based fees are on a sliding scale (for accepted students) making it really affordable for those seeking to determine if college is a fit. More information can be found at: While Chloe knew early in her high school career that she wanted to attend college, that isn't the case for everyone. This experience seems like an excellent way to explore college readiness.  

The Art Gallery - one little known fact about Chloe is that she is a budding ceramic artist. She's taken a couple of classes while in high school and enjoys making ceramics immensely. Vanderbilt features quarterly exhibits of works created by artists with disabilities.


Next Steps students opening up their acceptance packets.

Meet Vandy's newly accepted Next Steps students - they're in the video above. I seriously can't wait until Chloe is accepted into college and stars in her own letter opening video!! 

Will Chloe and Vandy be a match? We can't wait to find out!