University of Tennessee


The University of Tenessee is home to a post-secondary program for students with intellectual disabilities called FUTURE. Here's a link to their web page

FUTURE is a two-year non-residential program with a third year option.

It's a CTP program, so federal financial aid is available and residents of Tennessee may also qualify for a state scholarship.  

FUTURE's application packet does say that it would like students to demonstrate 4th grade reading and 3rd math skills. This may be  a challenge for us, but we do have one more year of high school left to really work on those skills before applying!

What sparked Chloe's interest: 

THE football stadium!!! (Have you seen this thing???)

The ice Chalet looks like the closest ice rink to campus and Chloe's stoked that they host the annual Nutcracker on ice!

What sparked Mom's interest: 

There's one huge perk I noticed right away -- while reading the tuition policy I noticed that those with disabilities are welcome to audit classes for free!

I am making the bold assumption that if Chloe's anything like her dad and me she'll want access to lifelong learning and if she can do that on the campus she graduates college from - even better!  

The third year... FUTURE has just added a third year option for students seeking more internships, coursework and interaction on campus. This is great news because as Chloe's mom, I'd like her college experience to be as typical as possible.  

Will Chloe become a Tennessee Volunteer? Stay tuned!