Elmhurst College

Elmhurst College is Chloe's most local option.

ELSA, an acronym for Elmhurst Learning and Success Academy, is housed on campus at Elmhurst College. Here's a link to their program site: 



The ELSA program costs just over $15,000 in tuition per semester (or $823 per credit hour for part time students), but Elmhurst College offers many avenues to help prospective students with financing. On campus housing and dining are also options that will add to total cost.

For detailed financial Info, click below:


ELSA is a CTP program, so federal financial aid is available to those that qualify. 

The Pros:

Wow...what a curriculum! It's certainly the only program I've seen so far that incorporates so many options for students earning the certificate. 128 credit hours are required, 52 core and 76 elective - YAHOO!  


The housing situation also looks promising and here's why: although Chloe can't wait to leave the nest, mom's nervous! ELSA students can live on OR off campus as long as students are their own legal guardians, they are able to apply. 


PART TIME is another great feature - ELSA students can attend part time so for Chloe who wants to continue skating training, part time may be a better fit for her hectic schedule!

I did mention Elmhurst is less than 10 miles away, RIGHT?


The Cons:

Sadly, no Victoria's Secrect PINK (but I'm sure they have gear in the bookstore, right???)

Elmhurst DOES have Football - give it up for the bluejays -  it may not have the following the college teams in the SEC do, but maybe when Chloe meets the football field she'll be A-OK with it.


What will Chloe say? I can't wait to find out!