Jennifer Farmer.

SuperMom. Advocate.Co-Founder.


Jennifer's passion for advocacy stemmed from her experiences and challenges while securing meaningful educational and recreational experiences for her daughter.

When her daughter's goals and the school district's recommendations conflicted, Jennifer sought to educate herself about the applicable laws, the tests and measurements utilized for academic placement and available curriculum modifications. While networking with other special moms, Jennifer realized she wasn't alone in this situation and took action to help the help the public at large: she co-founded Include Me Advocacy Group and enrolled in a JD program at Taft Law School.

In addition to the blog, Jennifer's most recent writings include: 






Angela Scott.

solutions expert. changemaker. talent coach.

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Angela's enthusiasm for assisting with and advocating for differently-abled people grew after she learned more about the current processes which match atypical students to educational resources. She believes that every student should be able to access the education they need to achieve their goals and potential. 

Angela has designed a survey to help us identify the key areas that will allow Include Me Advocacy Group to tailor its services and activities to the needs of the public.

Your input is both welcome and greatly appreciated, please click below to record your responses.