Jennifer Farmer.

SuperMom. Advocate.Co-Founder.

Jennifer's passion for advocacy stemmed from her experiences and challenges while securing meaningful educational and recreational experiences for her daughter.

When her daughter's goals and the school district's recommendations conflicted, Jennifer sought to educate herself about the applicable laws, the tests and measurements utilized for academic placement and available curriculum modifications. While networking with other special moms, Jennifer realized she wasn't alone in this situation and took action to help the help the public at large: she co-founded Include Me Advocacy Group and enrolled in a JD program at Taft Law School.

In addition to the blog, Jennifer's most recent writings include: 






Kimberly Harren.

Trailblazer. soul sister. exploration guide.


Kimberly has BIG PLANS for the change she’d like to see in the world! She brings creativity and warmth to her work, allowing for collaborative, fun and customized experiences.

As a sibling to an person with diverse abilities, she’s no stranger to the limits and barriers that exist for people who want to, above all else, be included.

Kimberly assists in helping EVERYONE find their fit in the world of work!

hannah schultz.

altruist. bestie. discovery guru.


Hannah’s knack for understanding and appreciating differences coupled with her technical abilities yield a skill set that’s perfect for helping others uncover their potential.

Hannah grew up being Chloe’s BFF and that experience allowed her to see the disparities between the special and neurotypical worlds.

Hannah believes that EVERYONE can learn, has potential and deserves the right to choose what they do for work.